What is Cyberfly IO?

2 min readAug 25, 2022


Cyberfly IO is an open source decentralised IoT platform, there are many IoT platforms in Web 2.0 space for example thingsboard.io but there is no such platform in Web3.0 space, so we are cyberfly here to buidl web3.0 IoT platform.

Why buidl on kadena?

Kadena solves blockchain trilemma and provides gas station address a big barrier to adoption.

What is cyberfly trying to solve?

Cyberfly platform provides device integration and communication in decentralised manner and Cyberfly platform has its own built in wallet to interact with customisable dashboard for controlling and monitoring the devices(Raspberry pi). You can integrate any physical equipments with cyberfly for monitoring and controlling.

You can configure the dashboard widget for what data will be transmitted while click a switch, based on that data you can perform the action like switch on the light, fan etc. on the device side.

Every action in the dashboard will sent a signed message to the device for verify the authentication and authorisation on kadena chain to enforce the security.

Real world use case

  1. Smart home automation
  2. Fleet management (GPS tracking of vehicles)
  3. Weather monitoring
  4. Industrial automation

Test net is ready to release. We will announce release date as soon as possible.

After the test net release we will migrate our infrastructure to flux decentralised cloud for more availability and reliability and avoid single point of failure.

Telegram chat- https://t.me/cyberflyio

Telegram Channel- https://t.me/cyberflyofficial

Twitter- https://twitter.com/cyberfly_io

White paper- https://cyberfly.gitbook.io/cyberfly-whitepaper/